Local ITS User Conference 2023 Wraps Up: “Leveraging ITS for Educational Excellence”


By Joyce Boahemaa Fosu

Date: November 6, 2023 Location: GIMPA – Greenhill Campus: Accra.

This year’s local ITS User Conference for the GIMPA community, themed “Leveraging ITS for Educational Excellence,” came to a successful end on Friday November 3, 2023, after three days of engaging discussions and workshops. Organized by the Information Management Services Directorate (IMSD) and hosted by the Human Resource Management (HRM) Directorate, the event took place from November 1st to November 3rd, 2023 at the Main campus with all the Satellite Campuses actively participating virtually together with vendors of the software (Adapt IT).

Speaking on the journey of the ITS Solution in GIMPA, Mr. Solomon Asante-Dartey, Director of the IMSD pointed out that the conference is being attended by a diverse group including GIMPA’s Central Administration, Members of the Academic Board, Deans and Heads of Departments of the various schools, Students, Alumni and various Administrators of the Institute and is aimed at achieving a wide array of objectives. These objectives he said are all centered around leveraging the Integrated Tertiary Software (ITS) to enhance the educational experience in GIMPA.

These objectives included:

1. Enhancing Proficiency and Understanding of the software solution: The conference featured in-depth sessions that focused on expanding participants’ knowledge and proficiency in using ITS, equipping them with the skills necessary to navigate the agile technological landscape, and discussing the governance structure of the current ITS system in GIMPA.

2. Maximizing System Utilization: Participants delved into strategies to maximize the utilization of ITS in GIMPA, ensuring that technology aligns seamlessly with academic and administrative processes. Major issues were raised that needs a collaborative effort of all stakeholders to resolve and achieve the envisioned full utilization of the ITS solution aimed at bringing efficiency in the operations of the institute. In her closing remarks, the Acting Deputy Rector Dr. Augustina Akonnor commended the Information Management Services Directorate (IMSD) for organizing the conference and tasked the directorate to produce a position paper on GIMPA’s ITS to guide management on the next steps to take and seek proactive ways of documenting issues to management’s attention so that it can be resolved and not wait till the 3rd local user conference. She highlighted certain issues among other things which are worth pursuing: • Succession planning • Capacity Building • Mentorship from super users to new users • Integrity of the System • Governance Structure (High-level discussions)

3. Showcasing Success Stories: Throughout the event, notable success stories from various stakeholders were shared, inspiring attendees with tangible examples of how the ITS solution can transform educational excellence in GIMPA.

4. Fostering Networking and Collaboration: Networking opportunities were plentiful, providing attendees with the chance to collaborate, exchange ideas, and establish professional solutions to further drive innovation in educational technology particularly within GIMPA.

5. Addressing Challenges and Concerns: The conference also facilitated open discussions about the challenges and concerns faced in implementing and maintaining the ITS solutions in GIMPA, with experts offering solutions and best practices.

6. Long-Term Strategic Planning: Strategic planning was a pivotal focus, guiding participants in creating long-term roadmaps for integrating ITS effectively into GIMPA’s educational strategies and other third-party software.

Mr. Patrick Kuti (the Deputy Chief Information Technology Officer for IT Services at the University of Ghana) who was our special guest of honor enriched the conference by sharing ideas and helping identify solutions to some of GIMPA problems, allowing participants to explore cutting-edge ITS add-on’s and learn from the experience of our peers.

The registrar, Dr. Mrs Victoria Kunbour, owner and chief administrator of the ITS also stated in her address that “It was a pleasure to witness the enthusiasm and dedication of educators, administrators, and IT professionals who share a vision for leveraging technology to elevate educational excellence”. She indicated that the success of the event is a clear manifestation and demonstration of this commitment. On their part, Adapt IT, the developers of the ITS solution provided insights into how educational institutions are making the most out of the ITS platform, showcasing the capabilities and benefits for achieving excellence in education. They emphasized on features, customization options, best practices, and future developments in the solution in their next version release and encouraged management of the institution to also commit resources in the development of skills to support the system. The conference provided a platform for the entire GIMPA community to exchange ideas, learn from experts, and explore ways to enhance their experiences in using the ITS solution to enhance their work. As the conference concluded, attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose and a wealth of knowledge and directions to apply in their respective duties. The local ITS User Conference 2023 will be remembered as a landmark event that spearheaded progress in the integration of technology within the operations of GIMPA.


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