To provide an innovative and enabling ICT environment in GIMPA for teaching, learning and research that creates opportunities for sharing ideas, knowledge, and best practices.

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Information Management Services Directorate (IMSD)

Mr. Solomon Asante-Dartey

Director, Information Management Services

Welcome to the GIMPA Information Management Services Directorate (IMSD). The IMS Directorate (IMSD) provides leadership in technology and information-based resources and services for the entire GIMPA community. Here we serve as the primary institutional representative for GIMPA with regard to the provision of core information technology and information resources, technology tools and services needed for the day-to-day running of the University.

Our services and innovative projects aim to support GIMPA in the effective delivery of teaching, learning and research to the community. The IMSD incorporates customer (students and staff) inputs and needs to establish laws/policies and standard solutions while providing oversight, technical input, advocacy and innovation needed to support the University in pursuit of its missions.

The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) vision and purpose are anticipated to be considerably advanced by the Directorate’s operations.

Departments Within the IMSD

IT Security

Information Security (IT Security) functions to ensure a secure computing environment to support the Institution’s research, teaching and learning missions. This they do by ensuring that the University's network as well as all devices on the network are protected from malicious computer attacks, service interruptions, and network harassment. With advanced tools, the team works to identify, contain, and prevent where possible, the rapid propagation of malicious traffic within the environment that impacts the performance of our campus network infrastructure. The team is also in charge of educating users and providing tools to our users (both staff and students) to assist with protecting their information assets as well as IT laws/policies to help regulate and govern the environment.

Network Administration

The network administration unit manages and maintains the computer network infrastructure that supports the institute's various technology systems and services. It encompasses the planning, implementation, operation, and security of the network to ensure optimal performance and reliable connectivity for students, faculty, and staff. Key aspects of this unit are Network Design and Setup, Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting, User Management and Access Control, Network Security, Network Upgrades and Maintenance, Internet Connectivity and Network Policies and Documentation. Overall, this unit involves maintaining a robust and secure network infrastructure that supports the institute's technological needs, enhances collaboration and learning, and ensures uninterrupted access to resources and services for the entire institute.

IT Systems and Hardware Support

The GIMPA Service Desk is your first point of contact for all manner of support for IT Services. You can call, book/report a problem using the Self-Service Help Desk Portal or walk into the centre for all your support issues. If the User Support staff on duty is unable to solve your issue immediately, they will log the details and refer the matter to one of our more experienced staff who has expertise in the relevant area. We provide both software-related support as well as support for hardware devices such as laptops, desktops, printers, scanners, photocopiers, tablets and mobile phones.
Need help with a service or particular hardware issue?
Visit our support area located on the Ground Floor of the D-Block.

Systems Administration

Our Systems Administration department is in charge of all IT Systems and solutions within GIMPA. The team is in charge of our centralized server hosting, Enterprise Technology (ITS), system administration, cluster management, and Oracle & Microsoft SQL database administration, and maintains information systems as well as Server management for our Unix, Linux and Windows servers and the active directory that supports the overall operations of the various units of the University. The department partners with our schools, directorates, business units, and cross-functional groups to identify and implement efficient, innovative, and cost-effective IT solutions aimed at bringing efficiency into our operations. Our solutions are primarily driven by the overall strategy of the University that seeks to provide the foundation of all solutions run within the department. Implementations are done by coordinating multiple integrated processes and aligning them with the needs of our stakeholders and also with the overall strategy to arrive at the choice of solutions. Various solutions have been implemented to handle major aspects of our operations.

Instructional Resource Centre (IRC)

Our Instructional Resource Centre (IRC) handle the distribution, management and maintenance of all our audio-visual equipment as well as all technology teaching aids (such as smart boards, pointers, etc).

Student Services

Free wireless Internet Connection within the Campus

Within the campus premises, students and staff members have access to a free wireless internet connection, providing seamless connectivity across various locations. The campus is equipped with a comprehensive Wi-Fi infrastructure that ensures reliable and high-speed internet access throughout the designated areas. The wireless network is accessible in academic buildings, libraries, cafeterias, common areas, outdoor spaces, and dormitories, allowing users to stay connected from anywhere within the campus boundaries. Whether students are attending classes, conducting research, working on group projects, or simply relaxing during breaks, they can conveniently connect their devices to the wireless network.

Management of the Student Registration Portal

The aim of this service is to enhance the registration experience for students, improve administrative efficiency, and provide accurate and reliable data for effective academic planning and decision-making within GIMPA.

GIMPA Learning Management System (LMS)

Is a software application designed to facilitate the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses or training programs. Its purpose is to provide a centralized platform for managing and delivering learning content, tracking learner progress, and facilitating communication and collaboration among students and instructors.

Computer Repairs

Computer repairs serve the purpose of maintaining and optimizing the technology infrastructure, minimizing disruptions, protecting data, and supporting the educational environment. By ensuring that computers and other technology devices are functioning well, schools can provide a seamless and productive experience for students, teachers, and staff.

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