GIMPA Welcomes New Freshmen: A Journey Begins

By Joyce Boahemaa Fosu

In February 2024, the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) ushered in its newest cohort of freshmen with a solemn matriculation ceremony. Led by Dr. (Mrs.) Victoria M. Kunbour, the Secretary of the Institute, this ceremonial rite marked the official induction of these students into the Institute as junior members.

Diverse in their academic pursuits, the freshmen hailed from the Business School, the School of Public Service and Governance, the School of Technology and Social Sciences, and the Law School.

Addressing the newly inducted students, the Ag. Deputy Rector of GIMPA, Dr Augustina Akonnor, extended a heartfelt welcome, affirming GIMPA’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence. This assurance set a positive tone for the student’s academic journey.

Rector, Prof. Samuel Kwaku Bonsu, underscored the mutual commitment shared by students and the Institute towards each other’s growth and development. His address emphasised creating a conducive learning environment while fostering relationships and networks vital for future success.

Representing their peers, graduate student Mr Francis Palmdeti articulated the student’s expectations, expressing the importance of resources such as a well-stocked library and reliable internet access. Their collective pledge to uphold the Institute’s rules and regulations reflected a shared dedication to academic excellence.

Mr Kofi Abotsi, President of the Student Representative Council, joined the event to extend a warm welcome to the students, fostering a sense of community and belonging. The Kumasi and Takoradi satellite campuses joined virtually.

As these new freshmen embark on their academic journey, GIMPA stands poised to support and nurture their aspirations, laying the foundation for a future of success and excellence.



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