Mr. George Pentem


Senior Programmes Advisor

Mr. George Kwadzo Pentem is currently a Senior Programme Advisor at GIMPA Training and Consulting where he markets, coordinate and develop demand driven programmes. Mr. Pentem has successfully coordinated several local and international programmes such as the Accelerated Training programme for the top echelon of the Ghana Civil Service, Health Administration Management (HAM) for the Ghana Health Sector.
He won a US$125,000 funding from Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA) to sponsor training programme designed for selected staff of the Ministry of Finance in Ghana, DANIDA Fellowship Center Sponsored Programme, DANIDA Women in Management Programmes, Commonwealth Secretariat Sponsored Workshop on Gender Orientation and Implementation and Globalization Workshop Sponsored by French Government. He has interest in Organisational Development, Training and Development.

  • Master’s in Public Administration (MPA)
  • Certificate in Capacity Development, Adult Education and Training Delivery.
  • Master’s in Management (MA)
  • Bachelor of Arts

Mr. George Pentem
Senior Programmes Advisor
Mobile: +233 24 205 1667

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